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Leopard Everything

24 Oct

Ok, Ok! I love animal print too! Yet another Leonine quality I possess. I just love this ensemble! It is very me and I would wear it in a heartbeat. The sweatshirt is TopShop, the sneakers are Zara, the pants: Mango, and the multi-layer chain is from Go Jane. All of the mentioned pieces are extremely affordable and range from $40 – $100. The claw ring on the other hand is from Forzieri and may take a bit of splurging to obtain at its nearly $400 price mark. Interested in this look? Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Leopard Everything

The Butterfly Effect

5 Oct

For those of you who are already thinking “Spring” while updating your wardrobe this Fall, this Marc Jacobs butterfly-embellished dress will have just the effect you desire. Perfect for fair weather, this cocktail dress is great for Spring-time events. Pair the dress with open-toe heels and a bag in one of the colors featured on the butterflies. Here I have chosen purple. Tiny butterfly stud earring make a great addition to the ensemble. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

The Buterfly Effect

Up Or Down

21 Sep

It’s obvious that I love this Kenzo print! I actually created this set awhile ago but neglected to post it. I love these pants as they can be dressed up or down. If you follow this blog, you know that I often choose pieces that add versatility to your wardrobe. Dress these colorful animal print pants up with a crop top, tuxedo-like blazer, and sexy black pumps such as the ones featured here. Dress down with a cropped t-shirt and wedges sneakers. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Up or Down

Demi Love

1 Apr

Here’s a cute set inspired by Demi Lovato for all you hot mama’s out there! This is definitely a look for the under 30 crowd although if you can pull it off: WORK IT GIRL. But for most of us, including myself, this would look like we were trying to hard to have what the youngins now call “SWAG”. I had the dress in my portfolio for a long time and when I saw this pic of Demi, I thought I’ recreate the look. What do you think? Could you pull it off? If so, read on to shop the pieces!!!

Demi Love

Decisions in Black & White

22 Feb

Who says decisions aren’t black and white? At least they are when pairing items with this blazer and skirt from Sass & Bide! This set demonstrates how far black and white statement pieces can go. There are countless pairings that can made to take its wearer into day or night! Pair the skirt with a leather bustier or the blazer with leather pants for an after hours special your significant other won’t soon forget. Or venture into the office by pairing each piece with official work wear such as a silk blouse or pencil skirt. Either way these two pieces will shine in any situation! Read on to shop the pieces!!!


Decisions in Black & White
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