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Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline

4 Jul

I am one stylista who loves a great statement necklace. Have you ever found yourself switching necklaces repeatedly while getting dressed to find the perfect match with the chosen ensemble of the day. I knew there had to be a better way so I decided to research the topic and have decided to share my findings with you guys! Read on to find out more about pairing your favorite statement pieces with various necklines!!!


Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline


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O Boy

3 Oct

For those days or nights when you’re feeling like a rockstar! This ensemble inspired by the boots is very ‘Avril Lavigne’. Into a more toned down look? Loose the glove, forget the boots, and pair with black pumps or even open toes depending on the season. The leggings can also be replaced with skinny jeans if you so desire, Read on to shop the pieces!!!

O Boy

On The Wedge

27 Apr

As the weather teeters on the edge between cold and hot, this fit will help you dress accordingly. Not sure what to do when you don’t wanna wear a coat but it’s just a little too cold for a simple shirt? Wear a sweater and get the best of both worlds! Pair with accessories and a bag in bright spring colors for the maximum effect. Place your feet firmly on the wedge when you add these matching shoes to the ensemble. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

On The Wedge

Easter In The City

20 Mar

It’s Easter time in the city! Here’s an Easter-inspired set featuring pastels for you and the hubby. The multi-colored print on this Catherine Malandrino dress inspired images of skyscrapers when the hubby saw it. (He often glances at my screen as I sit next to him and blog.) I agreed and this set was born! You can pair yours and his accessories to the various shades of color in featured in the dress. Simple white accessories would also do. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Easter In The City

A Powerful Punch

13 Mar

Effortless yet sassy, this onomatopoeia-inspired ‘fit will pack a powerful punch when added to your daily wardrobe. Most of the pieces are cost-friendly; and the ones that aren’t can be very easily substituted. You can rework these pieces into other outfits due to its simple lines and primary colors and most can be dressed up or down. This is great for a casual date with friends or the hubby or, if you’re like me, for everyday street-wear! Read on to shop the pieces!!!

A Powerful Punch

Bars & Spikes

26 Feb

Not Stars & Stripes but Bars & Spikes this time! Add a bold, modern look to your work threads with this 100% cashmere top from Michael Kors in a shade of green which is a huge 2013 trend (along with the striping). Pair it with a navy blazer for the office and strip it off for after work hours. I love to add a bit of edge to my ‘fits so I added some spikes and silver accents to this set. Read on to shop the pieces!!!


Bars & Spikes
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