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Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline

4 Jul

I am one stylista who loves a great statement necklace. Have you ever found yourself switching necklaces repeatedly while getting dressed to find the perfect match with the chosen ensemble of the day. I knew there had to be a better way so I decided to research the topic and have decided to share my findings with you guys! Read on to find out more about pairing your favorite statement pieces with various necklines!!!


Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline


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O Boy

3 Oct

For those days or nights when you’re feeling like a rockstar! This ensemble inspired by the boots is very ‘Avril Lavigne’. Into a more toned down look? Loose the glove, forget the boots, and pair with black pumps or even open toes depending on the season. The leggings can also be replaced with skinny jeans if you so desire, Read on to shop the pieces!!!

O Boy


4 Sep

In honor of the Queen Bey’s birthday, I thought I’d post this particular set. Let your inner “Brooklynite” shine through with this HOV-inspired ‘fit. You can’t go wrong with this gold-toned Michael Kors tank. Pair it with Friis & Company shorts, Zigi Girl “tims”, and some funky jewelry from Rachel Zoe and Fallon and get ready to hit the block! Read on to shop the pieces!!!


Orange & Tan

27 Apr

This set is inspired by Mark Rothko’s painting Orange and Tan. I love this color combo! The top featured in this post reminded me of the colors in the paining and I love its Bohemian style. I decided to match the Boho theme by pairing with khaki shorts, canvas tote, and a pair of strappy sandals/wedges. Don’t forget the accessories an you are ready for a day in the sun! Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Tan & Orange

In The Army Now

3 Mar

You’re in the Army now! Well, at least you can dress like it. Military-style rarely goes out of style and right now is all the rage! To achieve this look, seek out pieces that are military-inspired either in color or in style. Great colors to watch out for are: Army greens, browns, blacks, and don’t forget the camo. Add an accessory or two that fit the theme and you can rest at ease knowing you look good! … Salute! Read on to shop the pieces!!!


In The Army Now

Never A Dull Moment

3 Mar

There’s never a dull moment when pairing shine on top of shine! These metallic AllSaints shorts and Witchery tank are sure to help you outshine the competition even if you are only competing with yourself. Wear this outfit on a warm summer casual get-together with friends. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Never A Dull Moment

Bars & Spikes

26 Feb

Not Stars & Stripes but Bars & Spikes this time! Add a bold, modern look to your work threads with this 100% cashmere top from Michael Kors in a shade of green which is a huge 2013 trend (along with the striping). Pair it with a navy blazer for the office and strip it off for after work hours. I love to add a bit of edge to my ‘fits so I added some spikes and silver accents to this set. Read on to shop the pieces!!!


Bars & Spikes

Life’s No Picnic

22 Feb

Life is no picnic but at least you can dress like it! This nautically-inspired dress is great for a Spring Day Date. Have you chef hubby whip up something special(or cook something for him) and trek to the nearest park for a picnic. Being that we have very little time with our significant others, we have to steal small moments when we can, such as during his lunch break. Celebrate your life together! Everything may not be perfect, but the two of you are perfect together. Read on to shop the pieces including that nifty picnic set!!!

Life's No Picnic

Go To Print

22 Feb

This year multicolored prints are the go-to staple for fashion designers. This dress is a great example of that trend. Not only is the print trendy but the colors are also reminiscent of Pantone’s recent release of its Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013. Accessories of various colors within that report would go very well with this dress. I also love its retro style. These types of pieces are great additions to your wardrobe as fashion is always “looking back”. You will be able to pull this dress out of the closet time after time over the years as this look continuously comes back into style. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

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Life In The Sunshine

18 Feb

This set was inspired by a video from a New Zealand artist I found on Youtube, Jamie McDell. I am in love with her song entitled “Life In Sunshine”. I imagine her living life in the sunshine in this beautiful yellow (trending) Missoni sundress! I would style her in this for the video I envision happening on a beautiful beach with the significant other she sings about in the song or driving in her car with her hair whipping about. “No time to stress because we’re living life in the sunshine!” Read on to shop the pieces and check out the song as well.

Life In The Sunshine
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