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Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline

4 Jul

I am one stylista who loves a great statement necklace. Have you ever found yourself switching necklaces repeatedly while getting dressed to find the perfect match with the chosen ensemble of the day. I knew there had to be a better way so I decided to research the topic and have decided to share my findings with you guys! Read on to find out more about pairing your favorite statement pieces with various necklines!!!


Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline


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Coachella Bella

13 Mar

The time has arrived! Coachella is coming up next month for all you music festival-goers. You want to look cute and hip while still dressing for comfort and your environment. A loose tank is great for this type of event. Make sure you wear a bra with plenty of support so you aren’t worried when jumping around in the pit. The best bottoms would be a comfortable pair of shorts or even a skirt if you are not planning to not get too wild. You want to make sure your feet are also comfortable by wearing a pair of flats. You can do sandals, but I, personally, recommend boots as it can be muddy sometimes at these types of events. It can be kind of chilly at night so take a long sleeve sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket or even a an out fit change such as a sweatsuit or pair of jeans. Remember, while style is always important, comfort trumps it in this case but you can definitely come up with an outfit that is the best of both worlds. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Coachella Bella
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