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Hot Date

3 Oct

Remember the sexier you feel, the sexier you are going to be to him! Body con dresses such as this bandage dress are excellent for making a woman feel and look their hottest. Another trick to is to wear a sexy bra and panty set under the dress but you have to make sure your significant other sees you getting dressed (if he can’t be there to see, send a sexy pic of you in the dress captioned “What I’m wearing” and then an even sexier pic in the bra and panty set captioned “What I’m wearing underneath”). He’ll be daydreaming about “what’s underneath” all night! HaHa! The magazine-inspired clutch will have you feeling even more like the top model you are. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Hot Date

Dress For Success

19 Feb

Knock out any business meeting with this black and blue ensemble. You tend to do your best work when filled with confidence so don’t fear pairing some hot ‘knickers’ with your business attire. It will leave you feeling confident, feminine and ready to close that big deal and get back home to the hubby for an after work ‘happy hour’! Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Black & Blue

Date Night: The After Party

30 Jan

The night is not over after the Valentine’s date has come to an end. Surprise the hubby by slipping into something a little more comfortable. Ok, ok. It may not be that comfortable but you won’t have it on long anyway! 😉

Here are a few ideas for a sexy little number to spice up your night! Read on to shop the pieces and get a more ideas to help heat up the night!

After The Date
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