You Don’t Have To Be A Chef’s Wife To Be Chef Wife Chic!!


Chef Wife Chic – /SHef/ /wīf/ /SHēk/

Adj.: Referring to stylish, elegant, and fashionable wardrobe pieces as seen through the eyes of one particularly trendy wife of a professional chef. “OMG! Those shoes are so Chef Wife Chic!”


About the blog

ChefWifeChic.com is dedicated to fashion and style tips, trends, info and more from the perspective of a Chef’s Wife!!! The mission of this blog is to share the views of one Chef’s wife on fashion and style with fashionistas, stylistas, and other trendy women worldwide!

A great love for fashion, shopping, and my chef husband are my inspirations for this blog. Here you will find pieces that this particular Chef Wife finds Chic! I love pieces that allow the Fashionista inside to shine. I also adore statement pieces as I definitely love to be a bit edgy and add a bit of personality to my wardrobe. It gives me such a thrill to hear “OMG! Where did you get that?” regardless if they are “High Fashion” or “High Street Fashion”. Classic, power, and other pieces also find their way to the pages of ChefWifeChic.com.

I will also be posting full outfits that I would consider “Chef Wife Chic” and where to buy them, styling and trending tips and articles, pics of professional women and wives of professional men looking Chef Wife Chic, fashion quotes, interviews with stylists on how to be chic and with wives on how to stay chic while tending to a home life and/or a career, and anything else I can think of that fits under the theme of this blog.  I hope you enjoy!!

About the Chef Wife

I have always been absolutely in love with clothes, shoes, bags, and all the accessories to match! I would design outfits as a child and kept a sketch pad of my work. My mother would take me shopping every Saturday as well as when I would be feeling down, for special events, or just because. Needless to say: I LOVE TO SHOP! lol As a teenager and especially during college, I would help friends choose their clothing for parties, dates, and more. I had a knack for being able to find not so expensive items that looked quite the opposite. I can remember being told by a fellow classmate once that I always dressed like I was “rich”. lol

I’ve also recently made a career change. I am a former publicist and booking agent, (although I still rep my chef hubby) and founder of Ghost Model, where I worked with national recording artists, reality stars from VH1, MTV, BET, Oxygen, and Bravo, and models who appear in national magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, Essence, and more. I constantly had to deal with image issues with my clients from wardrobe and hair to personality and attitude. It has always brought me great pleasure to help another look and feel great so I have decided to try my hand in the fashion industry. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes?!?! The thought of it sends shivers up my spine!!! Get paid to shop?!?! OMG … Heaven! lol I am currently taking the Film, TV, Photo, and Personal Styling Course at the American College of Professional Styling. =) Wish me luck!

And remember … you don’t have to be a Chef’s wife to be Chef Wife Chic! =)

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