Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline

4 Jul

I am one stylista who loves a great statement necklace. Have you ever found yourself switching necklaces repeatedly while getting dressed to find the perfect match with the chosen ensemble of the day. I knew there had to be a better way so I decided to research the topic and have decided to share my findings with you guys! Read on to find out more about pairing your favorite statement pieces with various necklines!!!


Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline



A solid crewneck style top can act as a canvas for an awesome bold necklace. This will allow the necklace to be showcased and make it truly pop! This style of shirt is often casual and menswear-inspired so they pair well with statement pieces that are fancy and feminine. A choker-style necklace works great with this type of top if it falls right at the opening of the neck as it creates a new neckline for the shirt. This style of necklace is great for women with large busts as it frames the face and pulls the eyes up. This style of shirt is also great for long pendant-style necklaces as well as layering necklaces of different lengths. Layering of necklaces also works well under a blazer. (Bauble, n.d.). (Swimmer, 2012.). (Harrell, 2014.). (Thomas, 2014.).

Crewneck Necklace Pairing

Michael Kors merino wool sweater



A necklace that grazes below the ‘V’ in the neckline will work well with this top (Harrell, 2014.). A necklace that fills the entire space also pairs well with a deep ‘V’ that acts as a frame for the piece (Swimmer, 2012.). A necklace that mimics the ‘V’ shape of the neckline also pairs nicely with this style (Thomas, 2014.).

V-neck Necklace Pairing



This type of neckline works well with a short layered look that allows the necklace to take center-stage (Bauble, n.d.). Vertical pieces such as opera-length chains, drop pendants and lariats also work well with this neckline as well as other horizontal necklines and off-the-shoulder styles (Thomas, 2014.). One-shoulder pairs well with a weighty piece that sits on the skin and fabric bringing a sense of unity to the two (Swimmer, 2012.). For a sweetheart -style neckline, keep the size of any jewels small so that they do not overshadow the delicate neckline (Harrell, 2014.).

Strapless Necklace Pairing



A boatneck neckline works well with a necklace that highlights the collarbone such as a choker (Swimmer, 2012.). A bibbed-style of necklace will also work well with this type of neckline especially with the more horizontal styles. But truly for this neckline style, any type of piece can pair well with it. (Harrell, 2014.).

Boatneck Necklace Pairing

Alice Olivia t shirt



This style can also pair with many different necklaces. Long sleeves pair well with longer necklaces and sleeveless tops pair well with chokers and collars. A sizable and striking piece can be easily showcased on the large amount of fabric  on these necklines (Swimmer, 2012.). (Harrell, 2014.).

Turtleneck Necklace Pairing


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Pairing A Statement Necklace With A Neckline

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