Witch Doctor

24 Sep

When I was a young girl, my cousin came to visit from Sweden. She was older than me and I was instantly in awe of her. I loved her accent, her beauty, and the fact that she was so different from everyone I knew at the time. I sat mesmerized as she told me stories of her work with a major record label and her travels around the world. As she told me about a trip to Africa, she removed a necklace from around her neck and gifted it to me. Recalling how she bought it from an actual witch doctor, she told me that it was a charm that was meant to prevent sickness. I wore that necklace everyday after and never took it off even when I showered. It eventually broke (probably because I never took it off) and I was so disheartened. I also immediately caught a cold! HaHa! Whether this was truly a magical necklace or if my mind was playing tricks on me, I will never know.

The statement necklace in this set reminds me of that necklace and my dear cousin Sofia. I decided to pair it with a funky ensemble that is, in my opinion, great for a date night or even a Girls Night Out (or a Girls Night In offered by the hubby). I love this leather jacket which would function as a top for this outfit. The necklace would look great sitting within that neckline. Pair the jacket with a monochrome print skirt and this becomes an outfit so hot that your man (and anyone else’s) will drop dead when you enter the room! Continue accessorizing with a similar statement bracelet, clutch, and sexy pumps. Read on to shop the pieces!!!

Witch Doctor

VILA white jersey skirt
$27 – vila.com

Dannijo necklace

Raxevsky bracelet
$18 – pret-a-beaute.com

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