I Am Chef Wife Chic: Chef Alina

9 Apr

Our next Chef Wife brings to ChefWifeChic.com a bit of a twist … She’s the wife AND the chef! Meet Chef Alina who is currently taking Hollywood by storm! Not only does she cook the food, she looks great doing it. Chef Alina is one of the most chic chef’s I know and is the epitome of the title “Chef Wife Chic”. Beautiful and resilient, this Chef Wife has what it takes to handle both, the home and the kitchen. Read on to discover what secrets her diary holds, why she shines bright like a diamond, and how she’s able to hold up against her hubby’s dapper style.


Photo by Melody Melikian – www.melodymelikianphotography.com

CWC: Hello, Chef Alina and welcome to ChefWifeChic.com! Please tell our readers a little more about yourself.

CA: I am a recent newlywed and I don’t consider myself a housewife but a Chefwife! I graduated from UCSB and decided to follow my passion into culinary school and it has forever changed my life!

CWC: I see you attended culinary school at the world renowned, Le Cordon Bleu. My Chefhusband (Ha!) is also an LCB alumni. Would you change anything about your decision to attend the school and focus on a totally new field?

CA: No way! I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t in this field. I hate working behind a desk. I am more of a hands-on type of person and I love to be creative.


Photo by Melody Melikian – www.melodymelikianphotography.com

CWC: You give a whole new meaning to ‘Chef Wife’! How do you manage being a wife while juggling your own career as a chef as well?

CA: I feel like being a Chefwife and working full time with a part time blog on the side, I do have little time for other things. But I try to maintain everything like cleaning, cooking, shopping as I go throughout the week. My husband helps as well so it makes it easier on me.  One thing about me is that I can’t just sit in front of the TV for hours and do nothing. I am very productive and I think that’s what helps me get through so much that needs to be done.  Plus I set aside time for just focusing on my personal life with my husband and just enjoying each other.

CWC: A chef career is very demanding but you sound like you have everything under control. How does your husband feel about the demanding and time-consuming nature of your career?

CA: My husband is really supportive of everything I do. He thinks that now is the time where I need to be growing in my career to get to that level where I am just shining. He is definitely my #1 fan.

CWC: Sounds like an awesome guy! Tell us a little more about the love of your life.

CA: He makes me smile and laugh all the time and he loves everything I make him! He has an outgoing personality, which goes well with my shyness. When he walks in a room, he just shines. He really lights up the room and everyone loves him. He brings out the best of me and I can’t imagine my life without him.

CWC: Awww, how sweet he is! Speaking of sweet, your website TheChefwifeDiaries.com looks great and has some awesome recipes on it! Where did the inspiration for the website come from?

CA: Around the time that I was getting married, most of all my friends were getting married as well.  After the wedding, I would post a lot of pictures of the food I was making and all my friends would say, “Start a blog! We want your recipes!” So I started The Chefwife Diaries! J It’s to help newlyweds and those who don’t know how to cook, but at the same time, to show my talent and love for cooking.


Photo retrieved from www.thechefwifediaries.com

CWC: Smart girl! As a publicist and marketing professional, I can say that blogging is an excellent way to promote yourself and build followers. Share with us the one recipe that you have developed that is your most favorite?

CA: I would say my Top Ramen Noodle Stir Fry is my favorite and is big hit on the site. You can see the recipe on my site.

CWC: You photograph beautifully! You have some wonderful shots on your website. How are you able to stay chic while managing your home life and career?

CA: Thank you! That is one thing I have to say is hard! I prefer to go grocery shopping over clothes shopping any day because I get so excited to buy ingredients and cook with them but when I do go shopping, I splurge! I buy a bunch of outfits and heels and I also shop online, so that helps me when I’m too tired to leave the house.  I have to say my style is very chic and girly so I love to have my heels and cute Louis purse on my side all the time!

CWC: Would you call yourself a stylish person?

CA: Yes! I love to be updated with the latest fashion and current trends.

CWC: With that being said, how would you describe your daily style?

CA: Well, I am in my chef’s coat all day but I do have my cute jeans and pink crocs to go with them. When I get home, I get comfortable but when the weekend comes, I put away my crocs, hang my chef’s coat and bring out the heels and dresses.


Photo by George Foto – www.georgefoto.com

CWC: Is fashion and style important to you?

CA: Yes, so much! It makes you feel good as a person and look fabulous. Totally boosts your self-esteem and give you confidence.

CWC: I agree. You just feel so good when you look good! Do you think it would be more of a focus if your husband was in a different career?

CA: No, I don’t think so.

CWC: How does your role as the wife of a man with a professional career affect your clothing choices? How has your husband’s success in his career changed your wardrobe?

CA: My husband always wears suits and ties and dresses nice all the time, which makes me want to look good too so I can look good next to him. His success in his career makes me want to look more stylish and amazing next to him.

CWC: You guys must look amazing together! Do you attend many professional events with your significant other? If so, what type are the most frequent and how do you dress for them?

CA: Not so much but for the ones that we do go to, I dress up accordingly. The last one we were at, I wore a nice black lace dress with cream heels, and of course, got my makeup done. You have to look presentable for these types of events.

CWC: With the way you guys love to dress, I know your wedding must have been a sight to see. Describe it for us.

CA: I loved the style for my wedding. It was silver and pink/fuchsia and white. I had pink/fuchsia roses everywhere with white orchids in silver vases and each centerpiece was different. My dress was a satin princess dress with Swarovski crystals all over it. My bridesmaids had beautiful fuchsia chiffon Sherri Hill dresses with crystals on them and the groomsmen were black tie. Very elegant! The hall was all white, the walls were covered with white draping, and my dance floor was all white. Totally chic and I loved every moment of it!


Photo provided by Chef Alina

CWC: Wow! That sounds so beautiful. I am thoroughly impressed. With your husband’s suit and tie style (the sounds of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s “Suit & Tie” fill my head. HaHa!), do you do the shopping for his wardrobe?

CA: No, I don’t. He is very particular about his style (he’s a Virgo) and we do the shopping together but he has the final say on what he wants.

CWC: Do you ever pick out his outfits?

CA: No not often, if anything, I’ll ask him to change his button down shirt to a different color. HaHa He has nice style!

CWC: HaHaHa! It sounds like your hubby is very dapper. What is your favorite go-to attire for the rare date night with him?

CA: Slim Pants or Jeans, cute top, jacket and high heels

CWC: Cute! We have very similar styles. Do you find that you dress better when you know you’re off and going to be home?

CA: No, we both love to be comfortable at home but when we are going out, we need to look good for one another.

CWC: Is there a particular type of clothing that he likes to see you in?

CA: He loves it when I wear dresses.


Photo by George Foto – www.georgefoto.com

CA: Always stay on top of yourself and do not let yourself fall into that “housewife” mess. Look hot and give yourself an extra 15 minutes of “me” time and take care of yourself. You need to look fabulous for yourself and feel good!

CWC: In closing, tell us what being “Chef Wife Chic” means to you.

CA: Cooking mouth-watering food that tastes amazing and looking fabulous at the same time!

CWC: Well, my friend! You are Chef Wife Chic! Thank you, Alina, for a great interview! We at ChefWifeChic.com wish you and your husband all the success in the world.

For more of Chef Alina, follow her on twitter: @ChefAlina or visit her website: The Chefwife Diaries.


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