Prep Squad

3 Mar

Join the Prep Squad with this look! The Preppy look started on Ivy League  college campuses in the late 40’s and 50’s and was pioneered by J Press and Brooks Brothers who both had stores at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Examples of preppy attire include argyle and cashmere sweaters, polo and Oxford shirts, chinos, slim jeans, dark denims and Nantucket Reds, Bermuda shorts, pleated skirts, tote bags, loafers and boat shoes.

The wide vertical striping in the top’s design as well as the color combination are also in line with the Preppy style. Pair it with a matching bag, white shorts and loafers, and Navy-inspired earrings. Spray on that Tommy Hilfiger and CONGRATS! You are officially a Prep! A cute bow in a quick ponytail is a great go-to hairstyle for this look. (Looking back at the look as I post, I’m thinking I maybe would have added a pearl necklace to the set had I thought about it. Maybe I’ll update if I like it.) Read on to shop the pieces!!!


Prep Squad

Sass & Bide short shorts

Robert zur shoes

Flower handbag

Sailor jewelry

Tommy hilfiger perfume
$69 –

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