My Top Picks From Karl Lagerfeld’s Collection For Macy’s

24 Aug

Karl Lagerfeld, who has designed for Balmain, Chloe, Fendi, and Chanel, now includes Macy’s to his impressive repertoire. Mr Lagerfeld has designed a 45 piece collection for the Macys brand which is due in just a few days. I have taken a look of the full collection and made my picks on what I feel are the best looks. I will definitely be picking up several pieces from the collection on August 31 when it hits 235 Macy’s nationwide as well as Prices will be between $50 and $170 which are basically give-aways considering who they were designed by. Some of my favorite pieces from the collection include some of the tweed and faux leather separates as well as the tees containing images of Mr Lagerfeld himself.

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I would definitely style some of the outfits differently for everyday wear. I could do without the ripped/printed tights on many of the outfits but I do like the tights potential for other more edgy outfits I would put together. This collection to me says “business professional” for the most part when I look at it in its entirety. There are pieces that can be used as casual attire however. As a whole I love the collection and applaud Macy’s for its partnership with the great Karl Lagerfeld. Check out the full collection on


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