Critique of Nicki Minaj Fashion Shoot for BlackBook Magazine 2011

22 Aug

Coat by Gareth Pugh. Bodysuit by Bia McCrory. Shoes by Junko Shimada. Cuff by Alexis Bittar. Ring by Boos & Besito.

I had to choose and critique several fashion shoots as an assignment for school. I adore this shoot with Nicki Minaj for BlackBook Magazine so naturally I selected it for my first critique. Here goes …

I love the way this outfit has been put together for Nicki Minaj. I absolutely adore the contrast of black and white and various animal prints and geometric patterns. There is so much going on with the prints and patterns that I believe minimal accessories are needed. I believe they did a great job with the cube-shaped ring as well as the shoes. I believe the cuff was also needed on the wrist that is shown in the image; however, I do feel the cuff could stand out a little better. I do like the fact that the geometric shape on the cuff (sphere) is a great contrast to the shape of the ring (cube) and pattern used in the coat. I believe this helps to tie the patterns on the coat with the prints on the bodysuit. I love how her hair is also a geometric shape and plays into the entire theme of the shoot. The outfit also has a 70s feel and the afro fits perfectly.

Continue Reading To Find Out How I Feel About The Location Of The Shoot, Nicki’s Pose, And More!

The location of this shoot is a studio setting with a plain shocking pink backdrop. I believe that this suits the garments perfectly as a busy background would have taken away from the outfit. The color also suits the individual as pink is a trademark color for Nicki as she utilizes the nickname “Barbie” and her current album is entitled Pink Friday.

Nicki’s pose does show the garments to the best of their ability. Her feet are posed in a way that shows the front and side of the shoe. Her right hand is exposed to adequately show the ring; although, I believe the cuff could’ve been utilized in a different way so that it stands out a bit more. She is posed so that her coat falls open slightly to show the bodysuit underneath. Nicki is posed in a variation of the classic “hand on hip” pose with one shoulder higher than the other. This helps the photo to not look so flat and one dimensional.


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